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2023: Mixed Fortune For Peter Obi, Labour Party

2023: Mixed Fortune For Peter Obi, Labour Party

  • Why We Are Supporting Peter Obi- APC’s Northern Christian
  • Labour Party Seeks Dissolution Of Obi’s Presidential Campaign Council Over

With barely 92 days to the February 25, 2023 Presidential Election in Nigeria, it is a case of mixed fortune for the Labour Party and its Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi.

Earlier on Thursday, in a shocking development, a group coordinated by former Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Mr Babachir Lawal, endorsed Obi, as its preferred candidate for the 2023 poll.

What made it worrisome was that Lawal was a previous ally of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Presidential Candidate of the ll-Progressives Congress (APC) before they fell out due to the Muslim-Muslim ticket adopted by the APC.

In a statement released in Abuja, Lawal said that the group comprising some Northern Christian politicians from the APC settled for Obi, after a painstaking review and analysis of the alternative presidential ticket holders.

The group, in endorsing Obi, also endorsed his running mate, Mr Ahmed Datti.

Besides endorsing Obi and Datti, the group recommended LP candidates to Nigerians, saying they would ensure justice, equity, fairness and unity of the country.

“As one of the foremost critics of APC’s single-faith presidential ticket and also in difference to those who have patiently waited for our guidance as to where to pitch our tent, after a painstaking review and analysis of the alternative presidential tickets, we now wish to recommend the Obi/Datti presidential ticket.

“We wish to briefly narrate some few reasons among many, why we have endorsed this ticket and recommend it to all Nigerians of good conscience who desire justice, equity and a harmonious co-existence of all Nigerians across tribes, religion and geopolitical regions.

“It is an indisputable fact that the whole of Northern Nigeria is currently mired in several intractable socio-economic problems, due to the activities of several nebulous criminal groups.

“Agriculture, the mainstay of the northern economy, is all but abandoned because kidnappers and bandits have prevented people from venturing out of the safety of their homes,” he said.

“In our quest for justice and equity in the socio-political and religious space of the country, it is obvious that only the Obi/Datti ticket has the potential to deliver.”

He said that the Obi/Datti ticket can speak on the genuine clamour for power shift to the South-East as well as the cry of marginalisation by people of the South-East.

Lawal also declared that the Obi-Datti ticket is the only way to go as all other ways lead to perdition.

“Finally, as the political campaigns advance towards the election dates, the tendency to divide the country along regional, tribal and religious affiliations is gradually beginning to manifest. We can see very clearly that the APC having woefully failed in its original plan to instigate a form of jihad which it had sought through its same-faith ticket in order to capture the Muslim votes, has now resorted to a tribal card. The battle cry is now the “it is our turn” tribal card in the South-West. The PDP on the other hand, seeing new opportunities in APC’s failed jihad strategy is tending towards adapting both the religious and ethnic strategies of APC in the North.

Nigerians must be awake to these very dangerous campaign trends because any of the political parties that come into government by pandering to ethnic or religious sentiments may not be able govern successfully and might further accentuate the social cleavages.

Men of good conscience should therefore look to opportunities that unite rather than divide us. Only the Labor Party presents this opportunity. We, therefore, call on all patriots to labour for our country in this presidential election. Nigeria’s future is at stake in this presidential election. Obi-Datti is the only way to go. All other ways lead to perdition.

While the party and its candidate were receiving endorsement and support from external sources, the party was enmeshed in an internal crisis that is tugging at the soul of the party.

The Ogun State Chapter of the party has demanded an immediate dissolution of the party’s Presidential Campaign Council, alleging that the council is being dominated by party leaders from the Southern part of Nigeria.

The party also passed a vote of no confidence on the National Chairman of the LP, Julius Abure.

At a press conference in Abeokuta, the State Secretary of the LP, Mr Feyisola Michael, said there is what he termed ‘southernisation’ of the PCC against the northern interest.

According to Michael, since the LP presidential candidate, Obi and the National Chairman hail from the South, the positions of the Director General and the General Secretary occupied by Doyin Okupe and Clement Ojukwu respectively, should have been ceded to the North East and the North Central.

This, he said, would reflect fairness and the spirit of federal character as enshrined in the constitution.

The state chapter of LP also accused Abure of plans “to illegally discontinue Ogun State LP’s litigation seeking a court order on relisting of the candidates’ list by INEC.”

He stated that Abure had plotted to hijack the case currently ongoing in the Federal High Court by taking it over from the Ogun State Legal Adviser, Bar Mawah Monday.

“Therefore, we hereby passed a vote of no confidence on Barr. Julius Abure, the National Chairman of LP; Chief Clement Ojukwu, National Organizing Secretary, who also doubles as the General Secretary of the Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council instead of the National Secretary.

“We also demand the following: That the meeting of the National Executive Council be summoned immediately to avert further political unrest as the party has been hijacked by PDP dissidents through Clement Ojukwu and Bar Julius Abure.

“The immediate dissolution of the entire Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council to reflect true Federal Character as enshrined in the constitution so that the North East, North Central, National Secretary and Deputy National Chairman South can all have their constitutional role openly affected,” he said.

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