About Matrix Live

The Matrixliveng.com is an online media with a focus on finance, investment and business news, data gathering, storing, and analysis of the African finance and investment environment. In today’s global business environment, The Matrix prides itself as Africa’s most reliable and authentic business finance and investment information content provider. It isthe continent’s largest portal for firsthand information, accurate and authentic financial, investment, and economic news and services as made possible by its massive and well-researched database. Above all, the organization holds Africa’s largest and most reliable reservoir of finance and investment information database.


The Matrixliveng.com is committed to providing robust, precise, and reliable financial intelligence reports and information on the African finance and investment environment to investors and prospective investors.The organization’s vision is to be the most accurate, reliable, and efficient channel of information on the African finance and investment environment while providing financial intelligence, sourcing authentic and verified information germane not only to Nigeria but to the African finance and investment environment.


As Africa’s largest database for finance and investment information, we have a mission to continually use reliable and dependable news, data, and research tools to gather and communicate financial information to our valued audience.

The Matrixliveng.com

Our team is peopled with a world-class team of experienced professionals from all over the world. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Financial sector to bear both economic and financial analysis. We are also in partnership with some Resource providers who have strategic and knowledge support from market operators and regulators.