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Book on Economics, Banking and Finance in Emerging Markets debuts

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Emerging markets and economies are more nuanced and complex than available scholarly resources fully articulate. Without adequate local knowledge of the complexities in developing economies, the attempt to transpose economic theories and business practices which have been successful in richer countries have turned out to be most times disastrous.

This was Dr Ola Brown’s realisation and experience after over 10 years’ of doing business as a leading private sector healthcare investor in West Africa, and seven years of discussing economics and banking. In pursuit of further education in Finance and Economic Policy, Dr Ola Brown has chosen to focus her attention on contextualizing theories created for more affluent markets.

“The purpose of this book is directed towards the dire need to focus on emerging markets. This is because there is very little information on emerging markets, despite its complexity.” Four-time author Dr Ola Brown said in her opening remarks during the virtual book launch that held recently. “I hope that this book and similar books written by Nigerians, Kenyans, Bangladeshis and Indians will begin to refocus the world on the complexity of entrepreneurship and policymaking in emerging markets.

In her keynote address, Toyin F. Sanni, Group Chief Executive Officer of the Emerging Africa Capital Group and Founder, Women in Finance Nigeria said “Dr Ola educates her readers in plain language about economics, finance and banking concepts, and also challenges them to make more informed decisions based on their knowledge of the interplay between different market forces.” She further said “I thank and congratulate Dr Ola Brown on her great work and wholly recommend her book to anyone who wants to know more or get fresh perspectives on this topic. I urge everyone of us to think upon, talk about, and more importantly do something about developing our economy and improving the lot not only for ourselves but also of the next Nigerian coming down the lane.”

“There are so many topics that will directly impact you. It is so topical in terms of the Nigerian economy and the existence that we live daily. You may think that economics is a dry topic, it is not if you live in Nigeria. You have a civil responsibility to educate yourself on the functioning or otherwise of the Nigerian system.” said Book Reader Sindy Foster, serial entrepreneur and Founder NYLON Marketing.

The virtual book launch event included a panel session where the subjects of minimum wage, savings in the economy, monetary and credit policies were discussed extensively. The panel, moderated by Tunji Andrews, included Amaka Anku, Director and Practice Lead, Eurasia Group and Chioma Egwim, Economist at FBN Quest.

Adopting a creative writing style, the free-to-download Economics, Banking and Finance in Emerging Markets book simplifies complex theories and provided everyday examples to make it more relatable. The book, divided into 4 sections on macroeconomics, microeconomics, the IMF and Banking and Finance, also includes a “how to read this book guide”, explainers and a beautifully rendered sketch note that provides a graphic summary of each section.

Dr Ola Brown is an entrepreneur, investor and Founder of the Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company – the leading healthcare and wellness investment fund in Africa. She facilitates trade between Nigeria, the United States and the UK through her seats on the committee of the British Business Group (Lagos) and the Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce (Healthcare Section) respectively.

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