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HomeExclusiveBuhari’s Nepotism Has Dire Implications For Nigeria Says Kukah

Buhari’s Nepotism Has Dire Implications For Nigeria Says Kukah

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By Babajide Okeowo

Rev. Matthew Kukah, the Bishop, Catholic Diocese of Sokoto has disclosed that the nepotism displayed by President Muhammadu Buhari has a dire implication for Nigeria.

Kukah made this known in a Christmas message titled, ‘A Nation in Search of Vindication.’

He also raised an alarm that President Buhari has sacrificed the dreams of Nigerians on the altar of nepotism by allegedly pursuing Northern hegemony while wondering how he has managed to get away with his apparent nepotism.

“President Buhari deliberately sacrificed the dreams of those who voted for him for what seemed like a programme to stratify and institutionalise northern hegemony by reducing others in public life to second-class status. He has pursued this self-defeating and alienating policy at the expense of greater national cohesion.

Every honest Nigerian knows that there is no way any non-northern Muslim President could have done a fraction of what President Buhari has done by his nepotism and got away with it. There would have been a military coup a long time ago or we would have been at war. The President may have concluded that Christians will do nothing and will live with these actions” he said.

Kukah maintained that Buhari’s alleged nepotism and commitment to reinforcing the foundations of northern hegemony had dire implications as prominent northerners with a conscience had raised the red flag, pointing out the consequences of his nepotism on national cohesion and trust.

He said against the backdrop of Nigeria’s endless woes, the country had become a nation embroiled in desolation with the prospects of a failed state staring the citizens in the face.

He, however, urged Nigerians not to give up despite the pain, sorrow, and uncertainty in the land, enjoining them to pray to God to save the nation.

He added, “Yes, our dreams have been aborted. Yes, our commonwealth has been stolen. Yes, our cancer of corruption has metastasised. Yes, we have been guilty of patricide, fratricide, and attempted even suicide. Yes, we are hungry, angry, thirsty, and starving.

“Yet, we stand firmly with the unshaken belief that no matter the temptations, the world has known worst times. These may be the worst of times, but for men and women of faith, they could be the best of times. We must stand firm and resolute because, our redeemer liveth (Job 19:25).”

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