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How Biden Will Spend First Few Hours In Office

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By Babajide Okeowo

In his first few hours in the office, Joe Biden, President-elect, United States of America will issue a slew of executive orders in both substantive and symbolic measures to reverse policies instituted during the Trump administration, U.S. media outlets reported.

Top on the list of executive orders will be rejoining the Paris climate accord, reversing the ban on immigration from several Muslim-majority countries, and issuing a mandate on wearing of masks while engaging in inter-state travel among the top priorities.

According to a memo from incoming Chief Of Staff Ronald Klain cited by The New York Times, CNN, and other outlets, Biden will also try to speed up the reunification of families, after children were separated from parents at the U.S. border with Mexico.

There are no surprises on the list, which reportedly contains dozens of orders. Biden made the policies cornerstones of his presidential election campaign, seeking to reverse tougher immigration rules, a lax attitude on public health, and an aversion to international cooperation on climate change.

Biden has already made it known that he aims to push for another 1.9 trillion dollars in relief and stimulus to help the economy through the coming months of the pandemic.

This will involve working with Congress, where he is likely to meet some resistance to more spending after the U.S. government has already pumped trillions into the economy since March.

However, jobless data is worrying and businesses are suffering.

According to the Klain memo, Biden will take executive action to suspend housing evictions and student loan payments for the duration of the health crisis.

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