Regulate social media to curb divorce rate, cleric urges FG

Regulate Social Media

regulate social media

A Lagos-based cleric, Olayide Babatunde has stressed the need to regulate social media in order to reduce the rate of divorce in society.

Mr Babatunde, on Sunday in Lagos, said the use of social media platforms has contributed immensely to divorce rates.

“Social media have really contributed immensely in scattering marriages in this generation because there is a lack of communication,” he said.

The cleric said that before the advent of social media, there was togetherness in families.

“Before the advent of social media, there was togetherness in the sense that after a long day at work, families look forward to rushing home, eating, and watching soap operas with their loved ones.

“Families spend quality time together when they are together but social media have actually taken that away in the sense that everybody is now solely dependent on what they see on social media,” he said.

He also wondered why a young celebrity who recently sought divorce dished out marriage advice to married couples.

“Social media platforms have done more harm than foster love in the home,” he said.

According to him, the government should take stringent steps in regulating social media content in order to lessen marriage breakups in Nigerian homes.

Speaking on feminism as another cause of marriage break-ups, Mr Babatunde said most married couples use its misconceptions as their watchwords.

According to him, feminism stands for equality of man and woman in terms of labour.

Mr Babatunde did not cite any data in his submission, indicating that he only spoke

from his personal observation as a cleric who relates with couples.
The Nigerian Bureau of Statistics has not recently published the country’s divorce rates.
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