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Users Left Frustrated As Twitter Crashes For Second Time In One Week

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For the second time in the space of a week, Twitter experienced a technical glitch.




According to DownDetector, the issues started around 4:30 pm on Monday and were affecting more than 4,000 users worldwide.




DownDetector collates reports of outages from multiple sources, including social media and mobile apps.




Frustrated users were complaining of having problems being able to see photos or post links on the platform, but the reason for the issue remained unclear, MailOnline gathered.




Elon Musk’s firm already suffered a three-hour outage at the start of the month.




This afternoon, just over 4,000 reports were logged, with 80 per cent of people reporting issues with the website, 13 per cent with the app and seven per cent with the server connection.




According to NetBlocks, Twitter was experiencing international slowdowns and outages that were affecting image and video content.




Those who were able to access the platform on mobile and desktop were seeing blank images where photos should be.




MailOnline said it tried to post a photo on Twitter and was only able to see a blank brown square in the post.




There were also problems posting functioning links to websites.




One Twitter user posted a photo with the comment: ‘Is Twitter down bro? This is literally all I’m seeing … sh*t won’t even load pictures or videos, Elon stop ruining the app.




Another said, ”imma just use the opportunity to post my nudes.”




MailOnline also contacted Twitter for comment, although there had not been any replies from the firm’s communications department since Musk laid off its staff last autumn.




On March 1, Twitter experienced a three-hour outage just days after Elon Musk laid off another 200 employees.

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